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Persistent, Daily Spam

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Persistent, Daily Spam

Hi, I'm getting near daily spam from a variety of email address, but they all have similar titles and subjects. Basically, they seem to think my name is 'Darrel' (which it's not), and the subject header is always something like "Hi Darrel, it's Jessica" (or any multitude of girls' names). So is there anyway to block the word Darrel completely from my Inbox and flag any message containing it and send it straight into Spam?   

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Re: Persistent, Daily Spam


A warm welcome to the forums.  Sounds like you are a babe magnet!!  What can you do?  Stop using Lynx?


Seriously, it depends on which email client you are using and how much effort you want to apply beyond delete and ignore.  These things usually run in fits and peaks, disappearing as quickly as they started.

Outlook 2016 (and some other email clients) have an inbound mail rules processor, which can do exactly what you asked AFTER the email has arrived.  Such requires the email client (and therefore the PC) to be running all of the time.  If it is not receiving email, the rules will not be applied.  Thus if you access the mailbox from more than one device, sometimes you might not see the emails being deleted.

If the emails are coming from the same sender or domain (somewhat unusual) then you can use the spam filters (see manage my email in the user portal) to block the sender / domain.

Hope that helps.

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