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I changed the password to access my plusnet account and i assumed this changed the password to my email account as well.

However i can only access my emails with the old password but need the new one to access the main account

New one was created by keeper software copied and pasted into new password boxes by me.


why does email account still use the defunct password?

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Re: Password

Hi @frustrated4 

A warm welcome to the forums.

There are two 'types' of Plusnet email addresses - primary and secondary.  There can be only one primary email addresses but many secondary email addresses.

The primary email address is accessed by specifying just your account_name.

Secondary email addresses are accessed by specifying account_name+mailbox_address.


The password of the primary email address 'follows' changes to the account password.

The password of secondary email addresses are managed using Manage My Email in the Manage my Account area of the user portal.


Are you definitely referring to the primary email address?  Looking at Manage My Email in the user portal will identify the default email address, usually