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PN Webmail auto login

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PN Webmail auto login

I only log into webmail to clear any junk so not often.

Recently I lost my mother whose account I managed, after her account was stopped it was her name was the one that popped up every time I wanted to log into my own account so I removed all ref to PN log in via google chrome. Now I can't seem to get my own user name to auto fill unless I it let it also auto fill my password. Which I would prefer not to do.

Any way I can get it to accept just my user name without retaining password details which is what it always used to do? 

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Re: PN Webmail auto login

This is how Chrome works, if you've chosen for it to remember your account details (that annoying pop up each time you login to a site, what me to remember?). It's intended to work that way so you don't have to remember your credentials, although in my opinion it's horrible as it does just that, helps you forget as you don't have to type them ever.

In short I don't think you can get Chrome to autocomplete one but not the other.