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Outlook connection issues

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Registered: ‎24-03-2021

Outlook connection issues

I have a totalise email which i have been using OK for about 20 years. about 6 weeks ago outlook on my iPhone stopped working with the totalise email (set up as imap) I then stopped receiving emails completely other than into my junk folder (which were actually junk). I called CS a number of times and got told various things and that it would be escalated to the technical team - after chasing over the course of 3 weeks with no emails it was eventually suggested that the mailbox was full. After 6 hours - yes 6 hours of deleting everything  I could (clunkiest webmail ever)  I started to receive mail.

Given that Plusnet webmail is so poor I of course want to go back to using Outlook but after numerous attempts on both PC and iPhone it will not connect.

Is this a common problem ?


Also is there a way to perhaps transfer the email address to another server /


Any help appreciated