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Outlook app on iPhone

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Outlook app on iPhone

Any tips on how to get PlusNet email working in Outlook app on iPhone?  (iOS 14.4)

whatever I try (port 153, 993, full and short username)

it claims "either imap username or password" incorrect even though these work fine in other applications


Alternatively can Hotmail/ automatically read/suck in emails from plusnet via POP/IMAP?



(The inbuilt mail app recently stopped behaving properly - I could send and receive email OK, bit if I deleted email, moved it to different folder, marked it as read etc. then these changes didn't make it back to the server,  so when looking at email on PC via Outlook desktop I'd see previously deleted/moved/read emails)

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Re: Outlook app on iPhone


Better than that, if you specify your Hotmail address as your email address in your Plusnet account, then all Plusnet emails will go to both addesses


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Re: Outlook app on iPhone

Thanks @daveplus - If I understand what you mean, then I already do that. It's great for emails that PlusNet themselves send to me.



When I mentioned Hotmail. I was referring to a potential work-around, though not ideal,

which would be to either somehow have my PlusNet mailbox automatically forward ALL emails to my Hotmail one

or alternatively have my Hotmail account connect periodically to PlusNet mailbox via IMAP/POP and pull the emails in.

These would allow me to at least read email sent to my plusnet provided mailbox, in the app in question, albeit in a rather round-about and unnecessary fashion!


Ideally I'm hoping to be able to receive & send all emails (via my Plusnet provided mailbox) in the MS Outlook app for iPhone via IMAP    

The settings I'm putting in look correct (they work in PC Outlook, and in built-in Apple mail app) so ought to work in MS Outlook app as well 🙂


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Re: Outlook app on iPhone

I had my mail working on Outlook on my iPhone for a while and then it stopped.  I have tried to restore it, but cannot.  This has been going on for weeks. Deleting and reinstalling the app and reentering the PN settings doesn't work.  MS Outlook support claim that this is an SSL issue, but I can find no options to manage this.  They simply say and I quote "this may happen from time to time" and also that SSL 1,2 is needed, but that's way out of my control.  

I think this is MS just trying to deflect the problem, when their app is so MS-centric they just don't care. Additionally, communicating with them thru a sub-optimal Outlook support interface is a far from satisfactory experience.

Any one got any thoughts?

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Re: Outlook app on iPhone

This rather reads as digging your hole deeper?

The iPhone in-built email application is excellent and one ought to be able to work better than outlook.  You should check out the IMAP server folder mappings - make sure that deleted items is mapped to the server IMAP folder.

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