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No email this morning 10 November

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Re: Attention Plusnet - Major E-mail Issues

Im a freenetname user, and im still getting send/receive errors - unable to login. Got a few emails through earlier, but nothing from yesterday.

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Re: Missing emails since the November unable to 'login issue' resolve

Did none of your test emails get "bounced" with a message that this was a temporary failure?

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Re: No email this morning 10 November

@davev1 wrote:

Hi All.

I seem to have full service back both for receive and send.

My SMTP server connection does not use authentication. Just a thought, since the receiving fault was down to authentication failure, if you have sending failure are you using authentication?

Ah. That sounds plausible. My laptop needs SMTP authentication so I can send via PN's SMTP server if I'm away from home and connected to a non-PN internet connection. I set my desktop PC (which is always connected by PN) the same way out of force of habit.

Incoming mail is now working and new incoming emails (eg test from my Gmail account) are being received within a couple of minutes which is normal.

The webmail server is still broken - at the moment it's not even giving me a login prompt - but I'm sure that will come back eventually.

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Re: No Email Access

I also use Thunderbird SNMP/POP3 and sending just hangs in my case. I don't get any error message. Fortunately I have an account so I can send emails if necessary.

I know at least one email has been rejected as "undelivered". My credit card company sent me a text. I don't know, and probably never will, how many others have been rejected.

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Re: No Email Access

Like many others my email address is @globalnet from Madasafish and it has worked fine over twenty years including when Plusnet took over.  This morning it was dead when I first attempted to open it.  Later it sprang into life and provided my emails albeit slowly which had accumulated over the last couple of days so I thought it was fixed.  I then tried to send an email which refused to connect and is still in my draft box.  At the moment I am completely incommunicado again. Back to square one.  

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Re: Missing emails since the November unable to 'login issue' resolve

I've sent a number of test emails from external addresses - none have arrived but none have bounced back either !!!

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Re: Not able to send emails

Same here - after yesterday's big problem when I wasn't able to send or receive anything in my email client and was not able to logon to webmail, I managed to send 4 emails which were in my outbox around midnight last night.

I now can receive emails althjough it is taking time due to the backlog of emails from yesterday - but am unable to send anything - the message is :- "Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: 'Plus Net Account', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F"

What was frustrating yesterday was that it took so long to fix. It's equally frustrating this morning since - the service message just says 'they may experience a delay when sending...' - rather than you wont be able to send at the moment. I discovered the problem around 6:30am this morning but was unable to raise a ticket to tell plusnet - I went round in circles on the website and never found a 'raise a ticket' screen. I am surprised that the call centre doesn't open until 8am - how do you reports a serious problem with your phone or internet service overnight.

Hopeful that they are on the case and things will get better soon.

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Re: Missing emails since the November unable to 'login issue' resolve

They are dribbling through very slowly. They will (probably) catch up eventually. Patience!

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Re: No email this morning 10 November

I can receive on PC but can't send,

Can't log in to web mail - get a link sending me to the service status.

Can't set up email on new phone, get a message saying Can't verify the account or isn't responding.

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Re: Not able to send emails

The same with me. I can receive emails but can't send them. I have 5 emails stacked up in the Outbox which are quite urgent. It does nothing for one's confidence in Plusnet when the status page thinks it's fixed. I was going to change my business phones to plusnet but I'm not sure now.

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Re: Not able to send emails

Same for me. I am receiving emails sent out yesterday in dribs and drabs. Its taking a few hours for some to get to me. I still cannot send out emails. Quite a nuisance for me.

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Re: Missing emails since the November unable to 'login issue' resolve

Just noticed the strangest thing on my mobile (Spark email client for Android), emails had started to filter through (IMAP) but have actually disappeared again ('Inbox empty').

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Re: No Email Access

I can log in to webmail and it shows I have 95 messages, but I cant see them.

I also still cant log in using an email client.

This situation could be causing my business damage now,

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Re: email service - missing emails

Asking the Plusnet Help Team, is there an official response to the emails that were 'lost' yesterday?

Do we assume that they have disappeared into the ether or are staff attempting to recover the emails that didn't make it into Inboxes?

It will help to know, one way or the other.



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After Yesterdays Outage

Sorry to create another topic on this subject, but I think it would help to highlight this secondary problem.

Since the receiving issue seems fixed (for me, at least), I am half-grateful. However, like a number of people who have responded in the various other topics, I now find I can't send - which I could yesterday, whilst obviously being unable to receive.

Has sorting one problem created another?

Additional information, in case it is relevant : I am sending over an authenticated connection.