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New to PN Webmail

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New to PN Webmail

I use the Plusnet email system. Previously I regularly downloaded the messages from the mailbox to my PC via POP3.

Unfortunately at present, following a catastrophic failure of my main PC, I am for now forced to use the mail system via the web interface, something I have not had to do before.

I have to say it feels rather wobbly to me. I had some difficulties transferring messages from the inbox to a new folder I had created. This was working OK, then it stopped, then it started again. Then it all just seemed to hang up. Logging in again got it going but, a couple of small changes to settings and it just hung up again.

What is other people's experience?

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Re: New to PN Webmail

If you read this topic you'll get a fair idea!

I must have been really bad in a previous life as this was my 3rd ISP in a row that used lithium.
Now you're stuck with me because my new ISP doesn't run a forum Cheesy
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Re: New to PN Webmail

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