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New Customer SMTP Authentication

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New Customer SMTP Authentication

I am a new customer who is due to go live on PN fibre next week. I have set up my email account and currently remain on my TalkTalk ADSL connection.
I have set up a main email account and two sub accounts.
I have used various devices (android, pc with outlook, etc) but cannot seem to be able to use SMTP authentication to send PN mail on my TalkTalk connection.
I have also tried setting up an account via RDP on a server at my office to rule out the Talktalk connection but this doesn't work either.
I can access and send and receive all accounts via web mail (so the username password combinations are good)
I can receive mail in both POP and IMAP formats from all accounts on all devices.
I cannot send mail from any device  - when I set up the email, the test send fails and pops up with the username / password box.
I get the error "Send test e-mail message: Your e-mail server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings."
The settings I am using are as follows (with the account name replaced by sausage !)
email add :
Acc type IMAP
Out :
user name : sausage+rachel
password : xxxxxxxx
I then go to advanced and set "my server requires SMTP authentication"
and I tick "use the same settings as my incoming mail server"

Am I doing something wrong ? Is Talktalk blocking PN SMTP access (seems not from other forum posts),
Is it because my service simply isn't set up correctly yet ?
I want to start sending out email change of address notifications but not until I can be sure PN is working for me !
Thanks and regards
Mike Powell
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Re: New Customer SMTP Authentication

Hi and welcome,
SMTP authentication won't work until your account is active I'm afraid.
You do seem to have it configured correctly though.
For the time being you SHOULD be able to send outgoing mail via the TalkTalk smtp server though without authentication. It might object to the PlusNet email address but i doubt it...

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