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My PlusNet emails not reaching French friends on or

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Registered: ‎28-08-2017

My PlusNet emails not reaching French friends on or

For the last couple of weeks I have been wondering why people are taking so long to reply to my emails.   These are plain emails; no attachments; no URLs quoted within them.

It's especially worrying, as I am in the throes of selling a house in France, and my emails to agent and buyers, surveyor and plumber, are not apparently arriving.   And I am getting no intimation of this, so I just think people are taking their time...

Luckily, the plumber must have checked the "indesirables" box on his Orange server, because I DID get a reply from him - with the heading " *** SPAM *** Petits travaux..." (Obviously I had not sent it with the word Spam in the heading!)



I alerted another correspondent (I had to use my Hotmail account to get through) to the fact that six PlusNet emails from me might be sitting in an "indesirables" box somewhere;  he managed to find them and then to put me on a "green list" so he would get them ok in future.  


Yesterday I emailed two people on;  this time I DID receive a notification of non-delivery - as follows:


"A message that you sent to the following recipient could not be delivered due to a permanent error. ** The remote server responded with: ** 550:spam detected This message was created automatically by mail delivery software on the server avasout04."

so at least I knew it had not been received, and could follow it up with a Hotmail.


Why is this happening?  And could it please stop?!