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Mailbox Inaccessible

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Mailbox Inaccessible


One of my mailboxes in inaccessible.

If we try to view the e-mails via then the number of messages appears against both the Inbox folder on the left and on the browser tab, but the messages never appear.  After a while an error message appears - I've been both "internal server error" and one about failing to FETCH.

Opening Outlook on a PC also fails to fetch any new e-mails - it says that it's "connected" and the progress bar reaches the end, but then there's an additional "synchronising" stage that never finishes.  We're using IMAP.

The last time e-mails were successfully accessed using that account was on Monday.  It's not a new account - there are older messages in Outlook.

This is a mailbox that I've created, rather than the main account.  I also have another mailbox that's still working normally.

Any ideas?  The only settings for mailboxes in the account settings are to change the password.  There no longer appears to be an option to raise a support request and there don't appear to be any relevant options if I phone up.

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Re: Mailbox Inaccessible

This suggests that there is a very large email in the inbox, possibly with a large attachment.  Until that is dealt with things might be rather sluggish.

In outlook, go to the server settings for the account and change the timeout settings to 2 minutes.  Then leave Outlook to sort itself out.

Also check your connection for issues.

Can you access the mailbox on some other device - for example a mobile phone?

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