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Mail send and receive flaky

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Mail send and receive flaky

For the past couple of weeks, when trying to send mail, ( have been getting an intermittent fault.  (I have used Thunderbird for years, and never had a problem before.)
When trying to send, I sometimes get the "connected to"  message, then after a delay: "An error occurred with the POP3 mail server. Mail sever responded  ) That's the end of the message.
On some other occasions, the message appears to be sending, but sticks on about 90% and I am then advised that it couldn't be sent.  However, when I check the "sent" box, the message is there, and has, in fact, gone..
When trying to poll the mailserver for new messages, I sometimes get the response that a connection could not be made.
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Re: Mail send and receive flaky

These problems might be associated with the those noted in Service Status though they seem wider reaching than that.