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Mail not being received

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Re: Mail not being received

@spraxyt Thank you for your helpful replies. Much appreciated.


So, can I assume that if "discard obvious spam" is "off" then no emails sent to me will be silently (from my point of view) discarded? Your statement


"Adding the Return path/Sender domain (or address) for not spam messages to your whitelist might also help get these through"


suggests that some emails still might "not get through" (i.e. at all - I would never see them). Or did you mean "without being tagged [-SPAM-]?

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Re: Mail not being received

@Mike6 One has to recall that first level checks on incoming messages are based on the reputation of the originating server. If that is poor messages are refused and you would not be aware they had been sent. That also applies if you have entered the sender in your Blacklist.

"Discard Obvious Spam" only takes effect at the next level. If that is "On" messages could 'silently' be discarded. If it is "Off" all messages received should go into Inbox, or into the Spam folder if identified as spam and "Move to Spam folder" is set.

To clarify use of "getting through" In my previous comment about Whitelisting, "getting through to your Inbox" is what I meant. Apologies for missing out that phrase. Indications are they would also not be tagged, but I don't have personal experience to confirm that.