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Mail delivery to recipients taking 5hrs plus

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Re: Mail delivery to recipients taking 5hrs plus

@Se7en  wrote:

and as a user I can tell the difference.............How?

It would be difficult and I understand that however, what I was trying to do was advise to others that the issues were not linked so people understood that their mail wasn't being delayed and for those whos mail was delayed (like you) I explained why they were affected.


@PeterB1 wrote:

Congratulations JonoH on what seems to be a fix of the long-running PlusNet-to-Gmail email problem - and thanks for all the hard work you and the PN team have put it.

Thank you, it's been a long journey, sorry to all for the inconvenience 


Is there any way those of us who've contributed to the old thread can be notified in a similar way if relevant issues are posted on a new thread in future?

Unfortunately no, we don't have the ability to auto notify those people who have previously commented, what I am trying to guard against though is this thread becoming a dumping ground for all email related issues if new threads are created for new problems we're easily able to diagnose the problems, but when multiple people post multiple problems in one thread and customers try to support each other and our agents ask questions to individuals that are answered by someone else it becomes very difficult and the picture can be sometimes muddied. 


Alternatively, can you explain how we can be sure to find such posts on the PN Community site?

If you navigate to the email boards you'll see all the issues that customers are reporting. If it's impacting multiple users you'll see the thread is getting lots of attention. If you're ever unsure on if you have an issue just create a thread and tag me I'd be happy to assist.

 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager
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Re: Mail delivery to recipients taking 5hrs plus

Thank you for that summary JonoH.

If nothing else trying to solve this problem has been quite an educational journey for me. At one point I even managed to surprise myself and set up a private authentication certificate – needless to say it didn't make any difference! That was the point at which I ditched using Plusnet for anything urgent or important. My wife (Gmail user) is currently experiencing transport problems at Sydney airport and we would have been in a jam if (as was the case before I switched) we had still been waiting for my current emails to reach her in 6 days time!


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Re: Mail delivery to recipients taking 5hrs plus

Moderators Note

This topic has been locked as the issue is now resolved, any further issues need a separate thread 

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