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Madasafish email not working

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Madasafish email not working


My Madasafish e-mail was working fine up unitl last Saturday (8th Feb). Since then, I haven't been able to retrieve any e-mails from my account (either by webmail on the plusnet site or Thunderbird). I haven't changed any settings at all,but for some reason my e-mails are not coming through. Can you please check that my account is working OK? This is my primary e-mail account & I need to get my e-mails ASAP. 

I've logged a ticket on the plusnet website but unfortunately, it's not allowing me to respond to the reply I got. I think it maybe something to do with the inbox being full? 

Many thanks




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Re: What's happened to Madasafish webmail?

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Re: Madasafish email not working

Hi @louise3 and welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your emails currently and I have refreshed a few things this side which may resolve the issue you've been seeing. If so then this should take place in the next 30 minutes.
Other than refreshing a few things this side I can't seeing anything out of place or would be causing the issues you're seeing. Are the problems you experiencing occurring solely on an email client or do it happen when you try log into the webmail also?
If you haven't already I'd recommend trying to log in on your webmail to help narrow down if it's a email client issue or not. Webmail login:

If you're trying to reply from emails from us then unfortunately they would just bounce back however if you get an email notification it usually means there's been a ticket updated on your account that you can reply to. You can access your open tickets here:

Let us know how it goes.