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Madasafish Email Settings

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Madasafish Email Settings



Many many years ago my Wife's ISP was Madasafish. It was swallowed up by Plusnet. My wife uses her Madasafish email account to this day.

Does anyone have the IMAP settings for Madasafish Email accounts

As i understand it POP3 settings download the mail to your client,  and IMAP does not and stays on the server.

I currently have her mail setup for her on PC in Mozilla Thunderbird with POP3 , however I have just got Office 365 as it came with cloud storage. I want to set up her mail in office 365 on her laptop but I don't want it to be downloaded off the server like it is with Thunderbird hence why I am looking for IMAP settings.


Not sure if any of the above will make any sense, but any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Madasafish Email Settings

This thread should help

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