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Lost entire inbox, possible to recover?

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Lost entire inbox, possible to recover?

email inbox for my plusnet inbox is suddenly empty. Lost about 50 emails.
Its an IMAP account, with access from Windows (using Mozilla Thunderbird), and from a Google Nexus 7.
I can still see some (not all) of the emails on the Nexus 7, presumably because it downloaded them.
I suspect a problem with Thunderbird
Is there any way that Plusnet could recover the missing emails?
PS I checked, they are not in the Deleted folder.
PPS other folders (e.g Sent) are still there.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Lost entire inbox, possible to recover?

If you've downloaded e-mails from our servers and if it's been deleted for any reason, unfortunately we'd not be able to retrieve it as it's deleted directly from the Mail Servers.