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Lost e-mails restorable?

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Lost e-mails restorable?

Hi guys!
Just checking back through my account for some e-mails and discovered that i no longer have any e-mails dated before 28th July an im curious if any backups occur(pretty sure they do) will they go back that far and are any of them recoverable?
I'm unable to recall any changes around this time but was without access to my main computer between 10th of aug and 23rd of aug, i noticed i couldnt fetch emails after a certain point during this time but dismissed it as an issue with the phone.
Any suggestions would be great!
Have checked squirrel mail and get the same thing only to the 28th Sad
Thanks in advance!
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Community Gaffer
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Re: Lost e-mails restorable?

We do take periodic snap-shots of the storage platform however I'm pretty sure there won't be anything going this far back Sad

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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