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Logged into Webmail - Plusnet Message - Archived Account

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Logged into Webmail - Plusnet Message - Archived Account

I have problems Sending eMail, however I did not use that as the subject because I seem to have homed in on the cause.

There is an eMail from Plusnet in Webmail that I had never seen previously, it advised that because the system had not been accessed for some time the Account was being Archived..........

I pay for my eMail Service, so very unlikely that it would have been abandoned, therefore consider it unacceptable that Plusnet have taken action without ensuring that I had read their message.

Some time ago I set up iCloud to handle Mac Mail and nil significant problems occurred until recently. Opening Mail Accounts the original reference to Plusnet have been removed.


Can I assume that the Sending problem is due to the Archiving process?


I tried to Add an Account using my Plusnet details but it is never established and the 'gearwheel' keeps spinning.

Never having used Webmail previously it was used successfully to send aTest eMail, great for emergencies but........

The iPad has no problems sending eMails, but I prefer to use the Mac.


Plusnet Customer Service by Telephone is currently non existent, messages advising that because of the current virus situation they cannot talk to anyone. An earlier offer to wait in a long queue to speak to Technical Service has morphed into simply being cut off if that selection is made.


Hopefully some kind soul here will be able to assist?

Thanks for your time, best regards, NSN

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Re: Logged into Webmail - Plusnet Message - Archived Account

In Response to Plusnet - What we are doing about Corvid 19/Coronavirus

Dear Plusnet

Have you omitted one very important factor?
I have found that I am unable to Send eMails, no problem with receiving them.
This has happened only recently and nil Settings changes have been made for a long time. I am legit, at least it was possible to send a Test eMail to my eMail Address.
In order to find a way of Sending eMails Webmail was opened for the first time by me a couple of days ago.
In Webmail I found a Message from Plusnet that was not seen previously. It concerned the fact that Plusnet were going to Archive my Account because I had not used it for some time.
Forgive my ignorance but I thought Plusnet were supplying my eMail Service, and I distinctly remember spending time Setting Up, with help from Plusnet CS, to get it ‘right’.
So I was surprised to find no reference To Plusnet within my Mac Mail Accounts.
Attempts to Add appropriate Accounts all resulted in a Spinning Gearwheel that seemingly could run forever. No Account could be Added.
Being at the end of the line for my abilities I contacted Plusnet CS and learn that an established Communications Company cannot be bothered to set up a plan for CS Staff to work from home. Simply a message informing that there was nobody to take the call.
The option to call other Departments enabled me to join a queue to speak to Technical Services. After a short wait, thinking about my eMail Sending problem, I decided to hang up and try the possible solution that had sprung into my grey matter.
My solution proved not to be useful and so I attempted to rejoin the Technical Service queue.
Instead of being offered the place in a queue there was an unexpected ‘we cannot.....’
The last option open to me was to visit the Member Centre Forum.
I Posted ‘Logged into Webmail - Plusnet Message - Archived Account.
Viewed 47 times but no responses of any kind have been received, not surprising considering that only Plusnet can do anything about this problem.
Currently it is not possible to Contact Plusnet by:
Chat always being Unavailable.
Telephone, in that the options offered seemingly lead to be cut off.
eMail, I will be contacting the Quality and Care Commission because Plusnet are failing to provide a suitable service to enable Hearing Impaired Customers make reasonable contact, and by so doing are discriminating those Customers.
Why oh why did Plusnet act without getting any response from me?
I pay for the BB Service including eMail so it is highly unlikely that it would be discarded.
I do not send eMails every day and might miss th odd day now and again. I do receive many, perhaps too many, eMails everyday. How come I have not been using my Plusnet Account?
I am really regretting just signing up for another years Mobile Contract.
If this situation has to wait for the end of the Corvid 19 crisis I will be leaving Plusnet.
Your extremely unhappy customer,


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Re: Logged into Webmail - Plusnet Message - Archived Account

You could set up a new temporary (permanent) email as Plusnet have had problems making email work in recent years.

I keep all my Plusnet emails on my PC, even the archived ones - although I still send/receive occasional emails via Plusnet.

I have gradually transferred my emails to (no adverts) - although (with adverts) offers more features.

There are many others...

"In The Beginning Was The Word, And The Word Was Aardvark."

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Re: Logged into Webmail - Plusnet Message - Archived Account

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Logged into Webmail - Plusnet Message - Archived Account

Hi @NotSoNaff, thanks for getting in touch.


If mail have been archived (due to no log in for 3 months), then this should not prevent you from being able to send mail.


From what I understand, you have tested sending email from webmail and this has worked? If this is the case it's likely an issue with the mail client you are trying to send from. Can you advise of further information of what occurs when you try to send mail, ie do you get an error message or a bounce back?

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Logged into Webmail - Plusnet Message - Archived Account

Hello Lauren


After some time there is a pop up message informing/offering the opportunity to change the server from iCloud to Plusnet.

However nothing works the pop up is back after some considerable time.

I have just sent myself a Test eMail the pop up said

[words to the effect] You have no preferred server....

So I selected iCloud the message moved to the OutBox and will probably remain there for an hour or so before another pop up appears?

Previously I have seen a message similar to this but it disappears too quickly to capture or note down:

'p28' server timed out


I can send eMail from my iPad, just got to learn how to add attachments as needed rather than in one upload.

Can I set up/repair my eMail direct with iCloud?

As advised, in my first Post above, my Plusnet Account seems to have been removed but until a couple of weeks ago I could send eMails. I send several eMails each week but not necessarily every day. I receive 17 to 20 incoming mails.

I do not know where the information came from that I was not using my Plusnet Account. 


I have been calling Plusnet and trying every Option but all seem to be set up the same:

Thank you for calling but we are keeping our staff safe during the Coronavirus crisis, There is nobody to speak to you at this time.


Thanks for your time, best wishes, Stan


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Re: Logged into Webmail - Plusnet Message - Archived Account

Thank you LaurenB for your response.


I have decided that a Communications Company that has chosen to withdraw all forms of communication except this overloaded Forum no longer deserves my loyalty. The fact that nil attempt has been made for Staff to work from home, to stay safe during this disaster called Coronavirus, is just unacceptable and unreasonable.

I was disappointed not to find any clear statements as to what is required of a Customer who wishes to Cancel their Contract.

My attempts to contact the Cancellation Section of Plusnet met with the same brief 'Sorry nobody is available to answer your......' followed by a very prompt Hand Up.

In the knowledge that I will be expected to buy myself out of my Mobile Contract arrangements have been made to Cancel my Account with Plusnet via a new Suppler.

The plus side [very punny] is that the new deal for similar BB is about half price.

So bye folks, NSN

Stay safe and stay connected if you can.