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Incredibly Slow Loading of Webmail

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Incredibly Slow Loading of Webmail

For the last few weeks now, every time I open up webmail it either gives an error message or I give up waiting for it to load.  Im out of the UK at the moment, but I am regulary and its basically since the Covid 19 Lock down in the UK. I rely on email for communicating with Meals on Wheels for an eldery relative and its vital that email continues to work for me. Why is taking so long to load and is there anything I can do to speed things up.

Thanks in advance Smiley

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Re: Incredibly Slow Loading of Webmail

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Re: Incredibly Slow Loading of Webmail

Hi @Iams 

A warm welcome to the foums.  Give this a try...

Slow webmail

There is a known gremlin in the third party Round Cube webmail program, which can cause delays in listing emails - see the user mitigation post at the top of the Email board here.


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