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Importing IMAP Plusnet emails to Gmail account

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Importing IMAP Plusnet emails to Gmail account


Could someone from Plusnet please confirm whether or not email only accounts are still supported?  I am moving house but there will be a gap between when I sell my current home and move into the next one. I had been told originally that I could keep my email address in the interim period, but as I'm not sure whether that's now possible have been trying to work out how to transfer all my Plusnet email to a gmail account in preparation for it closing. However my gmail will not let me import an IMAP account. Should this be possible or am I doing something wrong?  Many thanks.

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Re: Importing IMAP Plusnet emails to Gmail account

@Cinammon I can confirm there are no 'email only' accounts (from about 23rd June), so once you close your account, you will lose the associated email accounts. Yes, I know I'm not staff, but they are like hens teeth over a weekend.😉

Sorry I can't help with the Gmail transfer, but note any PN addresses you have will die on account closure anyway, even if in your Gmail app/program.