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IP listed on blacklists

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IP listed on blacklists

My wife and I have our own websites and email addresses i.e., the websites and emails are hosted with Heart Internet so the outgoing and incoming servers are of the format
Since moving over to plusnet we have experienced issues with sending emails, some come back whereas others simply do not arrive.
I checked on and it seems that our IP address is listed on several blacklists, I restarted my router to grab a new IP but that one was listed on more blacklists.
I have rebooted 7 times now and each assigned IP address is on at least 3 blacklists, one was on 15.
Heart also add an extra login process via captcha to our websites if it detects the IP address submitted too many requests, we didn't ever see this before moving to plusnet.
My question, is it likely that all IP addresses these days will be on a blacklist of some sort or should I keep rebooting until I find a clean one? If I pay plusnet to give me a static IP will this help?

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Re: IP listed on blacklists

Why don't you use the Plusnet outgoing mail servers