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How to get your e-mails through a e-mail client.

Plusnet Help Team
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How to get your e-mails through a e-mail client.

For those wanting help in getting their e-mails through a mail client we have guides on our website that can help with this

Windows 8 Mail (The steps in Windows 10 are very similar to the ones in Windows 8 so we recommend using the same guide)

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Mozilla Thunderbird

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Android phones and tablets


The difference between IMAP and POP

(IMPORTANT If you want to keep e-mails on all of your devices we recommend to use IMAP. You can set POP up to keep the e-mails on the server by going into the advanced settings of your mail client and ticking to leave mail on the server. If you do not do this you may lose the e-mails off the server. To show this we have attached a screenshot below)


IMAP and POP are ways you can download your emails from Plusnet systems to another email application. When you're setting things up, you'll need to choose which one to use.

Here's what they do.


  1. Emails stay on the Plusnet system even after you've checked them on your device.
  2. Whatever you do with your emails happens on all the email applications and devices you're using.
  3. You'll need to be connected to the Internet whenever you want to check your emails.
  4. Best if you're using different devices for your emails, like an iPad or smartphone.


  1. Emails stay on the Plusnet system until you check them on your device.
  2. Then your emails move from the Plusnet system to your device.
  3. They won't be on the Plusnet system anymore.
  4. Your emails stay on your device so you can read them even if you aren't connected to the Internet.

 Other settings you may need.

You'll need to give a few more details when you're setting up your email application. They can be pretty confusing, so here's what to use.


Incoming server
Incoming port 143 110
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 587 (recommended) or 25 587 (recommended) or 25
SMTP Authentication
(only needed if you're sending emails from a non-Plusnet Internet connection)*
Yes Yes
* This is only available if you've got an active Plusnet broadband account


If you’ve been with us a while, your domain might be ‘ or ‘’. If so, change ‘’ to ‘’ or ‘’ for both your incoming and outgoing servers.

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