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How to archive email?

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How to archive email?

Hello, my husband administered our force9/plusnet email accounts but unfortunately he passed away. I have now been given control of the account but received a message saying I am close to the 1GB limit so need to archive my email. I cannot see where to do that (and Google isn't helping this time). Can anyone help me please?


I am using a Mac with the Apple Mail interface. Have managed to log onto Webmail in a browser but still can't find teh archive option Sad

Thanks for any help.


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Re: How to archive email?

Hello Sue,

A warm welcome to the forums - sorry to read of your loss.

I think that there might be something of confusion here.  The email will advise that either you are using more than 75% of the 1GB fair usage policy limit, or you have exceeded that limit.  If the latter, it will also advise that unless you take action, the mailbox contents will be archived [off-line] by Plusnet.

The action which you need to take is to do some house keeping on the mail folders...

  • Inbox - delete the "noise" emails which do not need to be retained
  • Sent items - similarly delete those of no consequence, especially those which might simply have shared photographs or large documents, for which there is no need to retain a record
  • Deleted items (trash) - doing the above, empty the deleted items folder

Webmail does not have an archive function, for if there was one, that would simply be moving mail around within your storage allocation ... which would achieve nothing.

I am not familiar with the Apple Mail program on a MAC; I use the same on my iPhone but I see no concept of local folders.  Most email programs have the concept of local folders.  These reside solely on the individual device, in to which you can move emails which you want to retain from the Plusnet (or any other) mail service.  It is essential that you have a good back up strategy for such folders, for if you do not and anything happens to your MAC, they will be lost forever.

Hope that helps.

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Re: How to archive email?

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