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How do I un-archive emails?

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How do I un-archive emails?

Plusnet has archived virtually all of my emails and will delete them if I don't get in touch within 30 days. However I am struggling to make contact to ask Plusnet to un-archive my emails, giving me the chance to manually delete myself. (I know I did have fait earning and should have done so.

The instructions in an email I received are:

To request your email account is un-archived, please respond to this message using the Help Assistant available on our website -

But when I click on the link it takes me to a general help page and there seems to be no way of raising this particular issue. Could anyone help me? Thank you. 

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Re: How do I un-archive emails?

Welcome to the Community forums. Smiley

Unfortunately the Help Assistant mentioned in that email is no longer directly accessible by users for the stated purpose.

To get your emails restored you need to contact technical support by calling 0800 432 0200 (7:30am to 10pm) or use Live Chat (11am to 5pm (Mon-Fri) at the moment). The agent will probably raise a Help Assistant ticket to request your emails be restored.

Alternatively a staff member might pop in here and help but calling in is the more reliable option.

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Re: How do I un-archive emails?

Sorry about that! 


It seems that email template is from when tickets could be raised straight from the contact area of the website, are you able to give us a call tomorrow and someone should be able to sort this out for you.