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Historical email once Plusnet account closed

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Historical email once Plusnet account closed

I recently closed my Plusnet broadband account and realised after a day that I had lost a day of emails.  Is there anyway that I am able to get to these or are they now lost?

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Re: Historical email once Plusnet account closed

Hi Steve,

A warm welcome to the forums.

Reading between the lines, are you saying that you left Plusnet asking that your account be down-graded to email only?  If yes, then the process is as follows...

  1. When planning to leave, you MUST advise Plusnet that you wish to retain an email only account - not just leave it to the Gaining Provider Led standard service migration process
  2. YOU should note all of the existing Plusnet Email addresses you have
  3. When the migration is activated Plusnet FULLY closes the account for final billing purposes
  4. Plusnet then resurrects the account as an email only service
  5. YOU then have to recreate the original email addresses
  6. Plusnet then restores your email archive

From 3 until 5 any email sent by anyone will not be routable (will have come nowhere near Plusnet) because the domain or the 'target' mail addresses will not have existed.  In short any mail  attempted to be sent is not "recoverable".  Your correspondents will need to try again.



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