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Have I lost my email only account?

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Have I lost my email only account?

Hi, I cancelled my Plusnet Broadband and asked for it to be downgraded to an email only account.  I transferred to my new provider yesterday and didn't receive any new emails after lunchtime.  I am now unable to login to my webmail at all.  I got someone to send an email to me which was rejected stating "invalid domain".  Does anyone know how long it takes to transfer to mail only?  I was told there would be a brief loss of access but it has been almost 24 hours and I'm worried I'm missing important correspondence. 

I have a ticket open about this which confirms I want to transfer to mail only but there has been no response since yesterday.

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Re: Have I lost my email only account?

Thanks for your post @Claire0782 I'm sorry to see there's been downtime with your emails following moving your phone and broadband away from us, I believe this should be sorted now on the back of your post Here.

As discussed over there I'll get back to you tomorrow to see if we can find out some info about what emails had inevitably bounced back in the interim while your emails weren't working.

Let us know if there's anything else you'd need help with.

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