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Has anyone had this problem?

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Has anyone had this problem?

I myself have no problems with the service, but I recently persuaded a friend to migrate to Plus Net. I had to set it up for him (although I have years of experience with computers with different OS's, I am an Amateur).
When setting up the broadband I somehow managed to get a wrong email address into the picture. As an example, the correct address would be the incorrect address was With all my experience I was unable to track down the error. I decided to leave it until the next day. However, a professional  colleague (a programmer for Oracle) went round and sorted it out easily that evening.
I ran our club website for 8 years and I was looking to hand over to another member but had no confidence in finding anyone until I found this chap, he took over and has made a very polished job of our club website. I have since found out that we have one or two other members who are well above my level of expertise.
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Re: Has anyone had this problem?

think its called old age, not sure if I can remember though
I used to program in Fortran but now steer clear of all this CG1 stuff