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Globalnet/madasafish email address issues and transfer

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Globalnet/madasafish email address issues and transfer


Many years ago our company set up an email account with glablanet - which was taken over by madasafish a few years ago , then again by plusnet.

To be honest the Plusnet server is the worst I have ever dealt with - crashes, lost emails, sometimes doesnt send - problem is, the email address is a legacy one which clients still email us on, is it possible to have the email address moved to a better server?


Thansk, Dan

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Re: Globalnet/madasafish email address issues and transfer

Hi Dan, Sorry for the delayed response to your post. With regards to moving your emails to a different server I'm afraid this isn't possible but let's see if we can help get the issue sorted for you nonetheless.

When you've said you're having problems with your emails is this solely on webmail or do you use a mail client? There's no reason that your mail should be lost, I'd suspect you've got a mail program set up to automatically remove mail from the server once it's downloaded them to itself. 

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