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Globalnet account. Outlook 2007. Receive OK, but not Send.

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Registered: ‎13-08-2021

Globalnet account. Outlook 2007. Receive OK, but not Send.


I have an "" account since late nineties (with 5 mailboxes in total - for the whole family). From earlier this week all of the mailboxes stopped sending when using Outlook 2007 on my laptop (receiving is still OK). 

In the past, when such problems occurred or when setting up mail on new devices, I always found the right PO3/SMTP addresses on Madasafish and Plusnet user guides.

This time, I read many "helpful guides" on Madasafish and Plusnet websites, but cannot find the newly changed (?) SMTP Server address. I tried at least 10 different addresses on offer...

I also read a few related community topics, including one with a nice and clear table of all legacy domains and matching servers ("How to change your outgoing server on a mail client"). Still no luck!

Can anyone help, please?

PS Webmail works fine both ways (send and reveive). Android phone client also works fine. Only Outlook started having this issue earlier this week *receiving, but not sending).