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Freenetname mailbox

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Freenetname mailbox

Hi all

One of my freenetname mailboxes filled up last week and the problem wasn't noticed until the weekend.  Housekeeping now done and new messages are arriving, but nothing from last week has come through yet.  How do freenetname mailboxes deal with this situation?  I sent some tests from another address when it was full and they were not bounced, so I'm wondering if they are likely to be retried, or does that depend on the sending mail system?



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Community Gaffer
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Re: Freenetname mailbox

Hi Geoff,

When a Freenetname (or any Madasafish) mailbox is full, you’ll just be unable to receive new mail and sometimes unable to send either. Emails you’re sent would bounceback as undeliverable even though the sender may not get a bounceback message, so once you’ve brought your mailbox sufficiently below the 250MB quota, they’ll need to try sending you the mail again. 

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