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Fed up with constant Plusnet Webmail errors -Hanging screens, sent emails missing from Sent Folder

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Fed up with constant Plusnet Webmail errors -Hanging screens, sent emails missing from Sent Folder

I finally had enough with Plusnet rubbish webmail system . Spending hours looking at folders that take ages to load my saved messages , but then frequently remain blank (as if I have no emails in that folder). Then I click on refresh and it chugs away slowly again and then loads them. 

Then there are the constant 'Internal server' errors , 'fetch errors' , hanging screens when editing contacts , sent emails missing from sent folder , messages that you've spent ages typing up but then receiving another error which stops one from sending the email (therefore have to copy the whole message and then paste it in a newly composed message).

Now I'm starting to get phone calls from suppliers saying that they are getting undelivered email messages being rejected back by the Plusnet webmail servers . Claiming that the server may be down or that my mailbox is full (which it isn't) . 

I got so annoyed finding it impossible to raise a ticket that I finally sent a complaint to the BT CEO .  A ticket has been raised where I sent them the  screen prints with all the error messages but this is the reply I received .

Thank you for your continued patience.

On reviewing your account further, our Network Operations Team are assuring me there is no fault with our webmail service. I raised this again on the back of your recent correspondence, and was advised a second time that no issues had been identified with your mailbox account.

They did however suggest deleting some of your emails to help speed up the mailbox, as they believe the amount of storage could be preventing the mails you have sent from appearing in the folder.

No recent reports of our webmail function have been reported, therefore the issue you may be having could be related to the browser you are using.

I would suggest clearing your cookies and cache, or try an alternate browser. If the issues still persist I will try raising the issue once more for you.

Should you wish to get back in touch with me in the meantime, please feel free to either respond to this ticket or, call me on 0800 587 2677. I am typically available Monday-Friday, 10am-8pm.

So they are claiming there is nothing wrong even after seeing all these error messages !!!!   

I think we should all get together and send en masse complaint emails to the BT CEO , then maybe something will get done.

Will be keeping a diary of every issue I experience with the Plusnet webmail service , screen prints etc and will send the whole lot to the BT CEO .  

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