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Emails vanished from POP Mailbox

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Emails vanished from POP Mailbox

Today I previewed this morning's emails on my phone as I always do (POP3, with leave messages on server). When I went onto my PC to download them, the mailboxes were empty (2 mailboxes previously had mails in them). This is no different to what I do every day, nothing has been changed.

I just sent a test email to one of the accounts, downloaded it onto my phone, then could still see it and download it onto my PC. So it's now working as I expect.

Any way I can find out why they got deleted from the POP email server this morning? Anyone else got less email today than normal?

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Re: Emails vanished from POP Mailbox

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Re: Emails vanished from POP Mailbox

Suggestion 1.


Log into webmail.


Mark the messages as unread.


Try accessing them from your PC.