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Emails timing out

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Emails timing out

The emails keep giving port time out error it’s an internet/Plusnet problem because if I hotspot my phone they download just fine. This started a week ago out of the blue no settings had been changed on anything. How do I fix it? Is it a firewall problem? Why have my emails which have been fine for years suddenly stopped downloading and having port time out errors?
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Re: Emails timing out

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Re: Emails timing out

Are you saying that over 4G emails are downloading OK, but over WiFi / your Plusnet router they are not?

This does not sound like a firewall issue, but either a WiFi or internet connectivity issue.  What is other internet related activity like?

Does this happen all of the time?

What device are you using and what email application?

Do your 2.4Ghz and 5GHz wifi bands have the same name?

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