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Emails refused by recipient's email - error 554

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Emails refused by recipient's email - error 554

My husband twice tried to send an email to friends in Australia, to whom we send regular emails, which got bounced back with error 554, giving the message
"A message that you sent to the following recipient could not be delivered due to a permanent error. ** The remote server responded with: ** 554:Connection refused. See IB114 This message was created automatically by mail delivery software on the server avasout07."

I checked out the link gven, first putting in our connection's IP address, which was 'clean' and then with the Plusnet outgoing server,, which showed a recnt increase in volume of traffic and subsequent reduced 'sender score'.

I sent an email to my non-Plusnet address and that went through OK, so it may just be Australia that'a affected!

Anyone know why this is happening (apart from the obvious, as stated).

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Re: Emails refused by recipient's email - error 554

Those volumes do look concerning. Coincides with a spike we saw at one of our sites yesterday. I can't be 100% sure, but suspect we had a few accounts that were spamming. Volumes are closer to normal today, so I expect we'll be off senderscore's naughty list before too long.

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