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Emails reappearing in Outlook Live via Plusnet webmail

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Emails reappearing in Outlook Live via Plusnet webmail

I've periodically had a situation where for no apparent reason, hundreds (even thousands) of deleted emails have reappeared in my Outlook Live Inbox. Microsoft were made aware of the issue last year, but it's still happening to some users. Last year I took ages to delete them all again and things have been fine, since last week, when exactly the same thing happened again.

Someone suggested that the situation may be being caused at the Plusnet end (rebooting email server?? or something along those lines).

I'm not sure of the validity of that reasoning, but anyway, I decided to login in to Plusnet webmail in the hope of deleting the many thousands of email that must be on that server by now. The probelm is that it either times out or I get a Server Fetch error and so unable to see or delete anything.

It's so frustrating! All I want to do is to free up my Plusnet webmail Inbox, just in case there's some weird glitch happening whereby old emails are sent to my Outlook Live Mail system.

Any ideas please? And , if eventually I can get in to Plusnet Webmail, is there anyway I can do a mass delete or am I limited to only being able to delete a page at a time?

Many thanks

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Re: Emails reappearing in Outlook Live via Plusnet webmail


Hi Roger, I'm really sorry to see you're having issues deleting your emails from webmail.

I've refreshed the mail component on your account though I'm not confident this will help.

If you setup your emails as POP3 on a mail client, you should be able to set it up to automatically delete from the server (webmail) once it's downloaded the emails to itself then you could delete those emails from the client by moving the ones you don't want to a separate folder and emptying it.

Alternatively we can delete mail going back from a specific date, for example anything older than 1st November. 

To try to get webmail working better, I'd try the steps explained Here if you haven't already or use basic webmail Here.

If you'd want us to delete your mail, let me know by replying to the support ticket I've raised Here and I'll raise a task to our NetOps team to do this for you as soon as I can which may likely be next week. 

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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