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Emails not sending from my 123-reg email address

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Emails not sending from my 123-reg email address

Hi there,


I moved over to Plusnet last week from Shell broadband and ever since emails from my 123-reg email account are not sending through the Windows 10 mail client.  I am able to receive emails ok, just sent emails are not getting through and there's no evidence of them in my sent items either.  Emails sent via my iPhone from this mailbox are still working ok, just looks like the issue is with Windows 10 mail only.


I haven't changed any settings since changing ISPs and have attempted to fix by re-installing my 123-reg mailbox, but it still doesn't work, these are the settings on the mailbox:


Incoming email server:

Outgoing email server:

Outgoing Server requires authentication: Yes

Use the same user name and password for sending mail: Yes

Require SSL for incoming mail: Yes

Require SSL for outgoing mail: Yes


Any help would be really appreciated as it's preventing me from sending emails to my customers.  Anyone have an idea what this issue is here?


Many thanks

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Community Gaffer
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Re: Emails not sending from my 123-reg email address

Hi Jimmy,

Sorry for the late reply to your post and welcome to our Community forums.

Do you get a bounceback when attempting to send an email? 

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Emails not sending from my 123-reg email address

Hi Jimmy,

A warm welcome to the forums.

You state that they are not being sent, but you do not advise of exactly what you encounter.  Exactly why do you think they are not being sent?  Do you see an error message?  Do you get a non-delivery report?

The Win10 email client is far from being a friendly beast - there is a known issue where this program deletes items from the sent items folder immediately after sending email successfully.  That is one of several reasons I stopped using it.  See Mail App - Windows 10 - Auto Deletes Sent eMails - Microsoft Community 

There is also the simple possibility that you are looking at the wrong sent items folder - Win10 mail is also notorious for ploughing its own furrow in respect of where to put sent items - it might not use the existing sent items folder.

Key question - if you send an email to yourself using your mobile phone do you see the item in the inbox and sent items folder on the phone?  If yes, can you then see that item in the sent folder in Win10 mail?  If not, check to see if the item has disappeared on the mobile phone.  If it is still there on the mobile phone, think sync issue / looking at the wrong folder.  Look at the root folder setting in Win10 mail.

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