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Emails not be received at plusnet address

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Emails not be received at plusnet address

I'm involved in a small organisation that uses to arrange meetings.

As part of this emails are sent to the 30 members via groupspaces inviting them to attend meetings. 

Most of our members receive these emails with no problems, however 5 members do not get the emails.  The only thing I can see that is different is that 3 of these members have plusnet address, whilst the other two have talktalk addresses.  No other group members are using emails on these domains.

The emails are not going into the members spam boxes so it would appear that they are being rejected by the plusnet servers.

Has been blacklisted by plusnet?  Is there anyway of checking this?

The emails come through from groupspaces with the sendee in the format on behalf of groupname sendersemail

Help appreciated

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Re: Emails not be received at plusnet address