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Emails in a muddle

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Emails in a muddle

I do hope somebody can help.

Some time ago my then son-in-law set up my email addresses so that they all came into one place in Mozilla Thunderbird, so I have three gmail addresses and one plusnet with different inboxes as I use different addresses for different purposes which are listed when I click on the Mozilla T/B icon.  The Plusnet one in T/Bird is email@"myname" and this is where PN notifications are delivered.

There is also a Windows Livemail icon, and I have a the Plusnet email address which I use occasionally - "myname"

Hope that all makes sense.  Now the problem(s).  Trying to use the Livemail a/c I get an error message "A problem occurred while trying to open this message, please try again".  This happens if I try to read an email, start a new email or reply to an email.  This just started happening today, even for emails that I have previously opened/read/replied to.  

Not only do I want to use this a/c, I'd also like the emails to come into my Mozilla T/Bird with my others, so that they are all in the same place as I have on occasions forgotten to check my Livemail a/c.

I'd be very grateful if somebody could please help me sort this out.


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