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Emails deleted without notice

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Emails deleted without notice

While I have been tending to my sick mum, who subsequently died while I am in Canada, Plusnet deleted ALL my emails including sub folders without giving me any notice and  I have been trying for a over a week to get them back. 

I have spent almost 8 hours while trying to get this sorted while also organise a funeral for my mother here in Canada.


I have been promised that someone will call me back and no one bothers to do so!

I have not been able to get on webmail now - something to do with “capture”

I have not been able to setup the new account or the old account they created for me on outlook.

[CSA Removed] who I was able to speak to twice has now disappeared and I have not been able to speak to the same person twice!

I have been kept waiting on the phone for hours 

The customer service has been “[-Censored-]”!!!

For a service provider to do this at this very sensitive time beggars belief - how they get awards for their service is beyond me!,

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat): CSA name(s) removed (to an area staff can see) as per Forum rules.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Emails deleted without notice

Hi @Kirti1, thank you for your post.


Please accept our sincere condolences for your loss.


Having checked the older account, I'm able to see that we sent out 10 separate notifications that your mailboxes were full and would be archived, the first of these notifications being attached here. We're sorry if you missed these notifications. Whilst we would be able to unarchive the mail onto the old account, we're unfortunately not able to move them to the newer account.


With regards a callback, we're sorry if an advisor agreed to this, we're unable to call you whilst you're in Canada. I'll ensure that the relevant feedback is left in relation to this.


Please don't hesitate to get back to me if you need any further assistance.

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Re: Emails deleted without notice

Your emails sent regarding the overuse of the server way back last year and were attended to and most of the emails were removed and server usage was kept well below the maximum. 
I signed a new contract with Plusnet on 21.1.19 after having issues with broadband. 
The issue about my emails being removed was after Plusnet received a request from EE ( apparently EE confirm that there was no request open or an account in place) 
i had not made that request to transfer from Plusnet to EE. 
Yet another issue I need to find out what happened?
After spending almost 50 minutes on the first day, having seen all my emails being deleted, Scott Bell confirmed that after the request was received from EE, Plusnet should have sent me an email to confirm if I had made a request. 
This email from Plusnet was NOT sent!
Following, that all my emails were deleted, my broadband and home phone dead and account closed without further notice. 
Beware this can happen to any Plusnet customers!
I got an email on 5.2.19 - Plusnet messed up my broadband settings - I was not getting the unlimited fiver extra speed for which I was paying for - instead was getting unlimited fibre which is half the speed
I got an email on 8.2.19 - bill ready
I came to Canada on 8.2.19 to see my sick mum
She passed away on 10.2.19
All my emails were deleted on 11.2.19 - what timing!
I was not able to speak to my husband back in U.K. because the home phone was down
He had no internet either so had been completely cut off from me. 
I am not even sure where we are with the reinstatement of the phone/broadband/internet - as of today the home phone or the broadband is NOT back on.
When I needed the support Plusnet pulled the rug from under my feet!!
Since 11.2.19 till 21.2.19 my emails were missing, causing me untold anxiety and stress when I had just lost my mother, grieving for her and arranging her funeral. 
I had all my travel itineraries and insurance on emails. 
After spending almost 7-8 hours over last 10 days I lucked out to speak to  Martin cartridge who seems to know what is going on.  He is an asset to Plusnet with his methodical professional knowledge on how to get this problem sorted. Thank you Martin Cartlidge!
Aparently, whoever set up the new reinstatement account had done it wrong, there was no need to set up 2 accounts to reinstate the emails and tickets produced on the problem raised were not followed through. 
I would NOT recommend anyone in this world to use Plusnet emails - no support given. 
Just saying Sorry is just not going to cut it especially at this very sad times! 

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  Hi Kirti1,
OskarPapa (Plusnet Help Team) posted a new reply in Email on 20-02-2019 4:15 PM :
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Re: Emails deleted without notice

So the latest is that Plusnet dose not care if you have been without home phone, internet or broadband for almost 4 weeks,,

I have been with Plusnet since 1997 - and this is the service I get,! What chance does new customer have ?

is this the advertisement they want ?



My home phone, internet, broadband and emails were deleted on 11th February and when I called them on that day they had confirmed that the home phone, internet and broadband will be reinstated within a few days  


i called yesterday and was told that the service will be connected on 4.3.19 - nearly a month later from the request! 

A requestfor a phone call never materialised 

And today I get an email that the order has been put through and will be processed in 10-12 days!

A totally disorganised company and service!

This  ompany should be ashamed about the service they provide  


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Emails deleted without notice



Having a look at your original account - the one that your email service is against (before the broadband and phone line was ceased), this should now be working as expected. The mailboxes are there, and there's mail sat in both mailboxes going back to 2017 onward. 


The broadband and phone services were cease as part of a transfer away to a new provider which completed on 11th February. We received this transfer request on 25th January, and we've admitted fault because our system had not issued the automated "your service is moving to a different provider" email notification. 


Because those services were transferred away and this completed we have to initiate a transfer back from the company that took it. This transfer was placed on the 14th February once we'd been made aware of what had happened, and initially it had a completion date of 22nd February (which is the minimum lead time we can request - these are rule set by Ofcom). Unfortunately as part of that transfer request the provider that has the line has to agree, and in turn can take their time doing so, which has resulted in the order not being committed for completion until 4rd March. 


Can I ask, this provider that took over the line we had, do you have any knowledge as to why or how that happened?