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Email to plusnet mailbox rejected - poss before whitelist checks

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Email to plusnet mailbox rejected - poss before whitelist checks

I got an email rejection when sending to my plusnet mailbox but ti should have been whitelisted.
Did this get as far as the whitelist checker?
Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
'zzz ('
A problem occurred during the delivery of this message to this e-mail address. Try sending this message again. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

The following organization rejected your message:

Diagnostic information for administrators:
Generating server: #< #5.0.0 smtp;552 Spam Message Rejected > #SMTP#
Original message headers:
Received: from ( by ( with Microsoft SMTP Server
(TLS) id 15.0.949.9; Fri, 30 May 2014 12:57:08 +0000
Received: from XCH002-21IT.prysmian.gph.local ( by ( with Microsoft SMTP
Server (TLS) id 15.0.949.9 via Frontend Transport; Fri, 30 May 2014 12:57:07
Received: from XCH002-29IT.prysmian.gph.local ([]) by
XCH002-21IT.prysmian.gph.local ([]) with mapi id 14.03.0174.001;
Fri, 30 May 2014 14:57:05 +0200
From: "aaa" <>
To: "'zzz ('" <>
Subject: Its those Gtech vacuum cleaners in the news
Thread-Topic: Its those Gtech vacuum cleaners in the news
Thread-Index: Ac98BqWjBck2uQ+1SxyMqC52MWGx3g==
Disposition-Notification-To: "aaa"
Date: Fri, 30 May 2014 12:57:04 +0000
Message-ID: <59316B2CB1C717469EB103A2303BE45E0C0EA588@XCH002-29IT.prysmian.gph.local>
Accept-Language: en-US, it-IT
Content-Language: en-US
x-originating-ip: []
x-exclaimer-md-config: 222baeec-eea7-4614-b050-cdd6141507b8
Content-Type: text/plain
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-EOPAttributedMessage: 0
X-Forefront-Antispam-Report: CIP:;CTRY:EU;IPV:NLI;EFV:NLI;SFV:NSPM;SFS:(428001)(199002)(189002)(54356999)(16236675002)(74662001)(81542001)(31966008)(50986999)(81342001)(86362001)(101416001)(99396002)(74502001)(85852003)(20776003)(21056001)(4396001)(77982001)(76482001)(104016001)(98436002)(64706001)(97736001)(92566001)(79102001)(19625215002)(92726001)(55846006)(15974865002)(83072002)(33656002)(71186001)(512874002)(19580395003)(84676001)(44976005)(83322001)(2656002)(6806004)(80022001)(87936001)(84326002)(68736004)(19300405004)(46102001)(15975445006)(15202345003)(101616002);DIR:OUT;SFP:;SCL:1;SRVR:AM1FFO11HUB075;H:XCH002-21IT.prysmian.gph.local;FPR:;MLV:sfv;PTR:InfoDomainNonexistent;A:1;MX:1;LANG:en;
X-Microsoft-Antispam: BL:0;ACTION:Default;RISK:Low;SCL:0;SPMLVL:NotSpam;PCL:0;RULEID:
X-Forefront-PRVS: 02272225C5
Received-SPF: None (: does not designate permitted sender
Authentication-Results: spf=none (sender IP is;

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Email to plusnet mailbox rejected - poss before whitelist checks

Can you try again and see if you have the same issue please?