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Email to any plustnet address is being rejected as spam

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Registered: ‎25-10-2016

Email to any plustnet address is being rejected as spam



I have an issue with a Microsoft hosted exchange account. All emails I send to any plusnet email address are being rejected as spam.


Error Details
Reported error: 550 5.7.350 Remote server returned message detected as spam -> 552 Spam Message Rejected
DSN generated by:
Remote server:


The email address in questions sends out to a mailing list with about 300 members. The problem seemed to start with the last mailing list a few weeks ago, prior to this there was no issue - we have no other issues with sending email to any other providers. 


I think its fairly obvious plusnet have added the address onto some sort of blacklist and it is rejecting anything received at all from it. This is also the case with messages sent to a single plustnet address - an instant bounce-back containing the above error.

I have spoken to plusnet support in an attempt to have the address white listed on their system and frankly have came up against a brick wall. What they have told me is that each individual user not receiving the message is going to have to ring plusnet and request the email address is white-listed on their particular account. I find that quite hard to believe and given that all the people on the list are very elderly and wont / cant do this isnt going to happen either.


Anyone else have any suggestions or can a member of plusnet staff help me with this?