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Email servers desparately slow

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Email servers desparately slow

For the last two days, I have had serious problems with sending and receiving emails using Outlook 2000 which I have used since the year dot.  I can see no reason for it, and therefore, as Plusnet have decided to terminate the ticket system, I have no other way of trying to report a fault other than by the Forum, in the hope that someone from Plusnet will notice it and perhaps respond.  Whenever I try to call support, I have to wait for hours in the queue, and using the Plusnet Chat is a farce, because there is never an agent available either.  It used to be so much easier before when you could just raise a ticket, but it seems that customer service is in a race to the bottom.
Anyway, I wonder if there are any issues with the Plusnet email servers.  Several times, I have tried to send emails, especially with attachments, and they just sit in the Outbox.  At first, they tell me that the mapi-spooler is sending them but then they time out.  I have of course tried sending myself an email, and that always works without any problem.  But even if I go directly to Webmail to try, it is all desparatelty slow, with the message "connecting to Plusnet" cycling continuously.
Now in fairness, there is one possible cause, which is why I would like to raise a ticket to find out.  I have recently installed "Halo" on Google Chrome, which I understand is a sort of proxy or IP cloak.  I wonder if it is possibly causing Plusnet difficulties to find me ?  Unfortunately, I do not know how tyo turn Halo off in order to see whether that is related.
Hopefully someone from Plusnet may answer me.
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Re: Email servers desparately slow

Did you get to the bottom of this one in the end?

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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