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Email sender POV - 552 Spam Message Rejected

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Email sender POV - 552 Spam Message Rejected



I'm running an e-commerce app which has the need to send 3 sorts of automated emails: one to activate the user's account on registering, one for password resetting and another one for orders confirmation and summary.

Our very first user with plusnet provided email account has now tried to register for the app. The activation email that would enable them to start using the app has bounced back with " []: 552 Spam Message Rejected".

This is a new, all other types of email addresses have been working relatively smoothly so far. Is there any guideline or procedure I might be missing so that we can stretch our user base to plusnet users without risking this sort of issue?



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Re: Email sender POV - 552 Spam Message Rejected

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Re: Email sender POV - 552 Spam Message Rejected

Hi @fpintodacosta,

Apologies for the delayed response. So that we can take a further look into this with you, please could you send us a private message with the email headers?

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