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Email problems starting Thursdaynight/Friday morning

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Email problems starting Thursdaynight/Friday morning

Yesterday morning when I fired up my pc and phone no email (from a Madasafish legacy address, actually mailbox). Manual upload/download didn't work, tried webmail no joy there. Contacted plusnet via chat some sort of refresh done and email started to come through albeit didn't seem usual flow. This morning again no email after 45 minutes on chat,  clear the problem is still there - odd one or two emails have got through but still an issue e.g. test message by the chat agent hasn't arrived.

It seems something changed overnight Thursday/Friday as other reports elsewhere on the forum, which were moved to the webmail thread, suggest. Apart from one day last autumn I haven't experienced email delivery issues. The agent this morning has 'submitted it for mail ops investigation'.

'How are you going to tell me what has been found and done ?'

'we'll email you'!!! - 'unless you have fixed it that isn't much use is it'.

'We'll add it to the questions so you can see it there'

' ok that seems reasonable.'

The session ended at 05:15 EST (why EST?) and has still not appeared in questions some two and a half hours later. I also asked when there would be a response, up to 72 hours!! was the reply - that isn't satisfactory. That's the sla for personal customers and its been like that for at least 3 years was the reply.  

Has anyone else had mail problems starting a couple of days ago?

Whilst individuals are polite and helpful as far they can be the PlusNet 'customer service' processes seems to be increasingly designed to prevent as many customers making contact as possible - long, long, call waits, tedious chat sessions that go on and on, no e-mail contact with support staff. Long intervals between attempts to resolve outstanding issues and little or no communication of work being done to resolve long standing ones. It is sad that the excellent customer service that Plusnet used to provide has all but disappeared.

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Re: Email problems starting Thursdaynight/Friday morning

You are so right, rjhazeldx.  I experienced almost parallel problems and decided with some reluctance to move my domain and email accounts to another provider - after 19 years as a Freenetname/Madasafish/PlusNet customer!  That was the beginning of yet another set of problems.  I paid £25 for the privilege of transferring the domain away on Thursday at about midday.  Since then absolutely nothing has happened except that my email was immediately cut off and as a result I have contacted them by phone and chat on a number of occasions, but to no avail.  Not only has the quality of service gone right down the tubes (the agents, as you rightly point out, do their very best, but are not supported by quality or robust customer support policies), but PlusNet are in breach of Nominet rules by not acting in a reasonable timescale and obfuscating about how long it will take to transfer a domain name. I was told 48 hours on Friday.

When I've done this process with other domain names the transfer has taken place within hours.

Come on PlusNet, pull your finger out and provide a better service before I go to Nominet with my complaint.

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Re: Email problems starting Thursdaynight/Friday morning

Still not working, spoke to someone this morning ...they would refresh the mailbox to try and get it hasn't so far and yesterday's test message hasn't arrived. No open questions  then discovered  a closed one (#142861163) to the effect that plus net mailboxes had been refreshed since my main one is on Madasafish and is don't see how that will help. Even more irritating is that because it is 'closed' I can't reply.

This mornings conversation could be summed up as we'll refresh your mailbox but its down to a failed merge and its unlikely to improve things...can't know what's being done to resolve it or when it will deliver. Horrendous.

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Re: Email problems starting Thursdaynight/Friday morning

@talkhat   So could you please explain in detail what I need to do to move MY domains away from PlusNet?

I have tried more than once to get information on this but I have had either no response at all, a promise that someone would get back or a redirection to a page which told me how to transfer a domain TO PlusNet.

The level of service from PlusNet has fallen so far from the old Force9 that I joined that I just can't be bothered even complaining - I just don't have the time to wait in the endless queue.

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Re: Email problems starting Thursdaynight/Friday morning

It's a legacy page now, but have you tried following the last item on page