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Email not displaying correctly in MS Outlook 2010

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Email not displaying correctly in MS Outlook 2010

Has anyone seen the ilk of this / got any suggestions please?
...having had a complete wipe-out of my laptop, I am in the process of a complete rebuild.  As a part of that activity, I've upgraded to MS Office 2010 and am now using Outlook 2010.
After setting up all of my IMAP email accounts and checking through some of the emails, I spotted one that has no contents shown.  On checking that email on my iPad client and on WebMail, I can see the expected content.
I have deleted and recreated the Outlook IMAP account and the problem is reproducible.
Has anyone seen similar / got any ideas please?  An email client that does not correctly display emails is not overly useful!


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Re: Email not displaying correctly in MS Outlook 2010

I have the same problem but the other way round - emails not displaying in Plusnet web mail but OK in Outlook Express. IT's a problem when I'm away from home and relying on webmail. So can't directly help but will be seeing if someone can explain (in simple language).