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Email log

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Email log

Is there way was to access plus net email log?

I have someone who claims they send me a number of emails (to one of my alias plus net/force 9 emails) however I have never received them, they are not in spam and the email address works fine when I sent to it.

I do not believe they have sent the emails or have sent it to wrong address and I need to settle a business dispute, however right now it's their word against mine.

Is there a way to see email server log and confirm that an email was indeed received in the server?



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Community Gaffer
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Re: Email log

There's not I'm afraid. We hold limited logs at this side but it's a convoluted process to get hold of them. Front line staff wouldn't be able to.

Email's a bit funny like that. It's not the most accountable of communication mediums.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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