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Email issues

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Email issues

I am having a lot of problems with my Plusnet email account. It seems more reliable with the smaller mail folders than the larger ones, currently Inbox has around 800 messages present(!) As I have rather a lot of emails I am wondering if this is behind the difficulties. Is this likely?

How do I know how much available space I am allowed for email and how much of this I am using?

Here are the usual error I get with the default Round Cube box mail system:

Server Error: Failed to send FETCH command

Recently tried the Squirrel Mail system and was hit with:

ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.


Could somebody quickly remind me, is it possible to run POP3 with Plusnet mail - I forget.


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Re: Email issues


Yes you can use POP3 with a Plusnet Account settings are here

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Re: Email issues


Yes you can run POP3 against the Plusnet mail servers, but if you want to access email from more than one client, I would not recommend it.  POP3 interferers with having a consistent view of all of your email - especially sent items across all of your devices.

Slow webmail

There is a known gremlin in the third party Round Cube webmail program which can cause delays in listing emails - see the end user mitigation post at the top of the Email board here. It somewhat appears that any sorting or filtering on a large mailbox cripples the performance of RC webmail, where as the 'basic' webmail program (Squirrel Mail) is not affected. Using Squirrel Mail can be an effective way of accessing a mail box which is running slow with RC.

There is no necessity to restrict your access to your Plusnet email via the Plusnet Webmail interface. Virtually every IT device comes with an in-built email program which can be configured to access your Plusnet email service. See the setting up an email client guide.

Some have found logging into their mailbox using this third party webmail client - helpful in clearing out clutter from their mailboxes.


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