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Email issues

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Email issues

In addition to the slow response from Webmail, reported in other threads, I would like to add my own experience.
In particular, I have noticed recently that emails arriving in my Inbox have datestamps which are earlier than the last time I viewed it. Particularly at this time of year, my partner receives notifications of one day only offers, which appear in her Inbox up to two days later than the datestamp. She checks her mail frequently during the day, on multiple devices (phone, laptop, tablet), all clients are using IMAP.
For me, I use Webmail (Roundcube) more often, and response seems to be very slow. A simple refresh of the Inbox can take 20 or more seconds,  moving or deleting messages can take similar if not longer time. Being dumped out of Webmail  due to 'Session expired' also seems to happen more and more frequently.
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Re: Email issues

Hi there,
Thank you for your feedback. We have passed this on to the correct team to be reviewed for future work that may be done on the Webmail platform.