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Email forwarding - migrating 1000s emails

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Email forwarding - migrating 1000s emails



I need to forward a nurserys emails to their new, free Microsoft provided accounts. Plusnet apparently DON'T let you keep an email account open to forward from, you have to close the account first.


Now the nursery is a business customer and has been for some time, and has accumulated thousands of emails stored with Plusnet.


Is there any way I can easily transfer those emails to the new service?


Many thanks,


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Re: Email forwarding - migrating 1000s emails

I'm researching how to do exactly this I think - move from PlusNet email to Exchange Online (the email-only option of Office365). One way seems to be to use the O365 / Exchange Online Administration tools (you need to be defined as an Admin for the MS account) to perform the migration by defining the PlusNet email service for mail migration as an IMAP host within O365/EO. These links show you what to do...


and either...

Simple for a few mailboxes (simple but may not work for PlusNet due to PN not supporting encrypted IMAP Signon, and this MS tool looking as though it requires it..)


Good for lots of mailboxes (more complex but does seem to support non-encrypted signon as per here...

Detailed instructions for complex method, but quite old!

The other alternative, if you have a full Windows MS Outlook client, may be to synch all of the files from PlusNet / IMAP to the desktop Outlook client, Export them to a .pst file, connect to the Exchange server and then synch them back.

Would emphasise that I haven't actually done any of this yet, but these are the results of my reseach and planning prior to pulling the trigger! Any other thoughts or suggestions gratefully received!!!



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Re: Email forwarding - migrating 1000s emails



You need a proper plan for this!

Does the nursery have a proper domain name which is presently hosted with PlusNET?  If yes you need to look at moving the mail MX to your new Office365 service.

The easiest way of moving the existing emails from PlusNET to Office365 is to configure an email client (such as outlook - Office version) to connect to both accounts at the same time.  Then folder by folder, drag the emails from the PlusNET account and drop them into Offce365 folders.

This allows you direct control, presents and opportunity to drop the chaff.

After you are sure that all the email you want to retain has been moved, you can delete the PlusNET mailbox and replace it with a redirect just in case any email is still being routed to PlusNET.



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Re: Email forwarding - migrating 1000s emails

Thank you for these suggestions. There are literally thousands of emails in the few accounts so bulk migrating is my only option I think. I do have office 365 admin access so will look into that. I'll report back. Many thanks again.