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Email autorespnd solution

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Email autorespnd solution

Has anyone got a simple solution to the following please - note I don't really want to spend any money!

I want to automatically reply to in-bound emails sent to different email addresses (alias) received to the same mailbox, sending a different response depending on the alias used.  For example...
Alias 1: - response 1
Alias 2: - response 2
Alias 3: - response 3
I have MS Outlook 2007 as an IMAP client onto my mailbox.  I have setup 3 auto-reply rules - one for each alias - which will send out the required response.  HOWEVER Outlook rules wizard has (in this case) an annoying little feature in that the rules engine will only respond ONCE to a specific sender email address.
Therefore if sends and email to both menu.main@ and menu.lunch@ the rule engine will only send a reply to the first request and (within the current Outlook session) will never reply to again.
Short of setting up separate email accounts for each of these and separate client mailboxes, does anyone have any experience of auto-responder technology which will do what I'm looking for please?


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